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Wellington day tours - sign for the city

Wellington Airport – Welcome to Wellington

If, along with many other New Zealand visitors, you are under the misconception that the country’s capital is Auckland – admittedly far larger and more populated than Wellington – try not to let a Wellingtonian overhear you saying it. Wellington, with its more central location, replaced Auckland as capital in 1865 and to this day a (mostly) friendly rivalry exists.

From barrister standard coffee in every cafe to nearby vineyards, city chic hotels to luxury lodges, Jerry Bridge’s Wellington has it all. It’s no wonder Conde Nast Traveller magazine readers recently voted Wellington the ‘coolest little city in the world to visit or live in’. I am lucky enough to spend eight wonderful months a year here which I always think goes by far too quickly! You can even book a half or full Wellington day tour with me that’s guaranteed to stand out from any other you may have experienced before.

Whether you have a few hours or a few days there is always lots going on in Wellington. To ensure you make the most of your time here head into the excellent i-Site visitor information centre where everything you could wish to know about the city along with a comprehensive ‘what’s on’ is right at your fingertips.

And one last word – no matter how many cities you have previously visited – from London to New York or any other large metropolis – Wellington is going to be like nothing you have ever encountered. Expect a warm welcome, random conversation with strangers and ready smiles wherever you go – something you might not typically associate with big cities where the norm tends to be rather more impersonal and cold. Wellington may not always be sunny but your reception will be.



My new home for 8 months of the year is now Wellington, New Zealand.  Ask me any question about this fantastic city and I’ll personally answer it!


Katie and Jerry at the top of the scenic cable car enjoying the amazing views of the city and harbour.


‘Welliwood’ was definitely my first choice for the Wellington sign on the hill by the airport – the first thing you see when flying in.



That’s the beauty of Wellington, everywhere is easy to get to as the centre is so compact, unlike other cities.

Gosh it’s Gollum!  A new scary addition to Wellington airport.  Good PR for Peter Jackson’s latest ‘Hobbit’ blockbuster!

The famous Wellington ‘Plimmer Steps Statue’ of the man and his faithful dog!

The lovely Janina, songwriter and musician – one of Wellington’s newest stars.

The classic New Zealand pohutukawa, (New Zealand Christmas tree) is a coastal evergreen tree – you know Summer has arrived when you see them flowering like this.


Jerry with ‘Supermodel‘ rock band Tony (drummer) & Mark (guitar & vocals) bbq in Kilbirnie (as you do!)

The Ninja’s are a coming … Wellington’s famous Rugby 7’s tournament is probably the biggest and longest fancy dress party in the world – what a weekend! More pictures further on…

 At your service Sir! Nice water melons…

More Rugby 7’s fancy dress folk…Which way to the stadium do you think? We want to get their before kick off!


Freddy Flintstone in a bit of a hurry by the looks of things, perhaps the match has already started!


The biggest fancy dress party in the world – every year in Wellington at the rugby 7’s…crazy few days…

 BBQ time, meet our good Scottish friend and James Nesbitt’s mate (Hobbit) very chilled out! The executive wing of New Zealand’s parliament buildings, known as the Beehive. Designed by a Scotsman and was officially opened by the Queen in 1977. Free one hour guided tours  are possible         Just Some of the many great local Wellie brands


 Local duo entertaing the crowd at Plum – one of many bands to play on a Friday or Saturday night

 Official welcome at Wellington airport – nice touch eh? PohutukawaFancy a ‘Hongi?!’ Maori children show us how it’s done!
 Zealandia, formerly known as the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary is a magnificent protected natural area just 10 minutes from the centre of Wellington See some of New Zealand’s rarest birds, reptiles and insects living wild, like this little fella! Amazing views – Zealandia can also be hired out for weddings and conferences


Arrive in Wellington the stylish way like my Mum did in early 2011…. 6 weeks aboard this beauty was a delight!


February 2011 & welcome to Wellington Mum.


 Another institution of Wellington, the famous Maranui surf club cafe, amazing views of the airport and sea and the breakfast isn’t bad either


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