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Jerry Bridge loves travelling to far flung places around the world. Who doesn’t? He’s also a born entrepreneur with a successful business track record. His story and photographic records are inspirational…

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The Travelman Journey

You may be wondering what qualities you need to hold the ‘Travelman’ title? How about if you’ve travelled extensively and then gone on to make millions in the travel industry? Turning a passion for ‘hitting the road’ into a successful career in travel is unusual, rare even. It’s on this basis that I believe I quite rightly qualify.

My story is full of the usual challenges life throws at us and the good news is that there are many lessons I’d like to share with you. Like why you shouldn’t bury your passport in the sand when sleeping on a beach in the South of France. Or why writing a share-holders business agreement on the back of a beer mat is asking for trouble, further down the line. That sort of thing.


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Jerry Bridge

Jerry was fortunate enough to mix his three years at University with backpacking trips across Europe, Turkey and India. After graduating he embarked on an incredible 22 month overland trip to Australia (without mobile, guide book or credit card). The epic 24,000 kms car trip around Australia in a beat up Holden station wagon is not for the faint-hearted. Read about his amazing, and sometimes life threatening travel tales. You will definitely enjoy some of his personal travel photographs. Indeed, be warned though, they will make you want to pack your bags and ‘hit the road!’

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