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Which way round the world sir? Jerry Bridge

Which way round the world sir?











The things to ask Jerry ‘Travelman’ Bridge about your round the world flights & tickets…(RTW’s)

When should I start planning? 8-12 months out.
When should I book? 4-8 months before departure.
How long are round the world flights valid for? 12 months should be standard.
How much does it cost to change the date? The more expensive RTWs are generally FOC to change, the cheaper ones approximately £130.
Can I re-route my ticket? Most RTWs allow you to change your route whilst away for about £150.
How much is insurance? Shop around but a decent 12 month RTW policy should be no more than £400. I recommend checking out the insurance company True Traveller – they offer great value policies for those going on long haul trips. Adventure Travel Insurance to cover single trip, annual multi trip and low cost backpacker cover designed for adventure travellers by travellers.
How much is luggage? Most RTWs allow 20kg checked luggage but be careful in the States and on LCCs.
When should I be at the airport? 3 hours before is sensible.
What visas will I need? Ask me.
How much should I budget for? Depending on length of stay and how topped up your credit card is, ask me!

Focus on – Round the World Flights

How best to get cheap round the world flights and tickets

When to go?
As a rough guide, you should try and avoid departures around Easter and Christmas and again in July and August, as this is when fares are highest. The cheapest deals tend to be for between mid-April and mid-June. It’s all about supply and demand; if you must go in high season, book as early as possible and be aware that flights to the UK in early January can be lacking in availability.

Which hubs?
Traditional round the world flights tend to include Asia, Australasia, a Pacific stop, and the USA; this reflects the big three RTW hubs Singapore, Sydney and Los Angeles: Popular secondary hubs include Delhi, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Saigon, Auckland, Fiji, Rarotonga and Santiago. With the growth in Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) Kuala Lumpur , Bali and Brisbane have also emerged as popular tertiary hubs.

Which way round?

If you want to start with heat think about heading to Asia or South America in our winter months, and North America in our summer months; however a proper round the world adventure can often be as much about the when as the where. Freezing your proverbials off in northern Vietnam or southern Chile might make for an excellent anecdote in retrospect, but it probably won’t be quite as enjoyable at the time. There’s a definite art to being in the right place in the right time, and when climatic conditions can vary massively in just one country, it’s worth reading up on the weather patterns of the places you’re planning to visit.

Which Round the World carriers?
Generally RTWs booked online are more expensive (because they are the bigger RTWs with more unusual stops) than those booked with specialist agents, but here are some of the more popular options:

One World (British Airways, LAN, Cathay Pacific, American Airlines & Qantas)


Star Alliance ( Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, Thai, United, Air New Zealand )

SkyTeam ( Delta , Vietnam Airlines, Aerolinias Argentina , China Southern, China Eastern, KLM, Alitalia)

The Navigator ( Singapore Airlines, Silk Air, Virgin Atlantic, Air New Zealand )

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