London to Paris Race

… And they’re off!

‘Keep an eye on that man would you Doris?!’

Dad – are you really haggling over the cost of the tickets? Always the businessman!

Where am I? Good on you Mum but still a long way to go!

The good old London Underground…hasn’t changed much since the 60’s, just non smoking!

WB – Walter Bridge of course, now that’s what I call a beauty…the car that is (& Alma!)

Quick dear, to the car, there’s no time ‘Toulouse…’!

Looks like Mum’s speedier than Dad…must be the old war wound eh?!

Mum & Dad – on the road – the classic vintage car race to Paris…

Stunning at sunset too!

We’ve done it, well done…now for some of that French wine…

Arc de Triumph – final destination!

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