David Wickers

For 17 years David was the chief Travel Correspondent on The Sunday Times, and on three occasions was voted Travel Writer of the Year. As a result of his first hand experiences, including extensive travel throughout North America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, he is in a unique position to know what it takes to create the perfect holiday experience – and, in particular, what one should expect from a truly top tour operator.

David Wickers was, for 17 years, Chief Travel Correspondent on The Sunday Times newspaper and on three occasions was voted the UK’s ‘Travel Writer of the Year’.

Award for ‘Best Travel Article’ (on New Zealand) given by representatives from Air New Zealand and Tourism New Zealand in the early 1980’s

A pensive David contemplating where he might go and write about next. Love the moustache & leather jacket! Perhaps it will be a motor bike trip around South America?!

Steady on Mr Camel…love the old black & white pics – you look very relaxed up there David!

Ahh yes those early memorable biking holidays always ended up at a pub…

…and yes those marvellous family walking holidays too…Charlotte by his side always ready to help out

Relaxing at the beach house in Suffolk… or are you in fact somewhere exotic in New Zealand? Perhaps a bach on the Coromandel David?!

Now where are those elephants? Botswana 2011

Family sailing holiday in Greece or Turkey….but hey, you just can’t beat a decent cup of PG Tips first thing before that early morning swim!

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