Inspiring Worldwide Travel Photos

Enjoy Jerry Bridge’s worldwide travel photos, there are some classics! Images include trekking in Pakistan’s Hunza Valley in the Himalayas, walking the Inca Trail and climbing Mount Sinai. Ever seen a lion capture and then eat a hippopotamus? What is it really like catching piranha fish deep in the Amazon jungle? Have you ever travelled ‘rough’ with just a few belongings in an old backpack?

Backpacking in Europe

Wonderful early travelling days from Euro-rail and the magic bus to hitchhiking and ferry boats.

Egypt Travel Photos

Wonderful memories of climbing ‘God’s Mountain’ – Mount Sinai with three friends I’d met along the way. Plus your classic Pyramid and Sphinx photo that just ‘has to be done!’

North Pakistan Hunza Valley Photos

Beautiful, stunning, friendly north Pakistan. From a live polo match to a memorable visit to an old British fortress. A trekkers paradise and wonderful scenic views of mountains like Rakaposhi. This is truly an inspiring part of the world for anyone once you get there along the famous Karakoram Highway.

Incredible India Photos

Enjoy some of these wonderful backpacking photos. See what is was really like roughing it in India in the 1980’s. From dusty Delhi to Goa’s sand, I have travelled six times to this incredible country and visited north, south, east and west. Is there anywhere special I hear you ask?! Varanasi (Benares) has to be my all time favourite spot. Especially as I have bathed/swam in the Ganges from where the Hindi bodies are cremated … life long memories & habits are made from such amazing experiences.

Kenya Safari Photos

Kenya is a wonderful safari holiday destination. My camera never stopped clicking away as it has to be one of the world’s most photogenic places! We were also lucky to be staying in a lodge where the only two other guests were getting married! I did feel a bit sorry for the goat though, I have to say!

Epic Australia 8-month Adventure

South America Photos

Highlights of the classic Inca Trail, the Amazon, Bolivia & Rio

Asia – including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore & Bali (to be added)

USA – California, Miami & the famous Florida KeysNew Orleans, Portland & Chicago (to be added)

Caribbean – and St.Lucia in particular (to be added)

Travel is wonderful isn’t it? Wherever in the world you travel you can take home memories that last a lifetime. I hope you like these worldwide travel photos of mine and they help inspire you to pack your bags and hit the road.

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