Jerry Travelman Bridge – a short history

Well, here you are then – a brief history of me, Jerry Bridge ( Travelman ) from very early days. Travelman, by the way, is a nickname given to me by friends for two reasons. The first because of my extensive travels around the world and the second, because of my involvement in the travel industry over the last thirty odd years. Not that I expect many people to show much interest in this section. However, for those of you that are curious about how I became addicted to travel and how I then became an entrepreneur read on….!

Smiling, I still point up to that top room at the Lanesborough Hotel on the corner of Hyde Park in London and tell people, ‘yes that’s where my brothers and I were all born!’ Back in the err late 50s/early 60s it was the St.George’s Hospital. I am a Gemini, but really, what does that tell you? Early childhood days were memorable, the boarding schools had their highs and lows, and the summer holidays were spent in a very uncommercialised Majorca. Mum and Dad were keen for us to have a better start than they had and fortunately they could afford the school fees as by the mid 60s their travel business had taken off! As I grew up, I quickly realised I had inherited my Fathers’ love of travel and was very keen to see the world.

A very young looking Jerry Bridge.

Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

Probably 9 or 10, off to boarding school for the first time.

School exams and reports were always a nightmare at Edge Grove.

Sports Day Edge Grove school 1972.

A bashful Jerry Bridge in Switzerland aged about 9.

That’s my Grandma and Grandad. They used to look after us when Mum and Dad went off travelling!

Family outing, Flannigans of Baker Street.  Do you like the mustaches and boots?

Mary and Mr. D’s Christmas outing to see the Regent Street lights, ho ho ho!

At Wendy and Keith’s on the Isle of Wight.  Love the motor, maybe one day I’ll have one this good!

Good old Grandma and Grandad, always there to look after us four boys.

Our American cousins from Oklahoma.

Handing over the cheque after organising and completing a 40 mile cycle ride whilst at St. David’s College, North Wales in 1975, in aid of the NSPCC.

School rugby 1st IX  What a great team we were and yes that’s me, front row, second one on the right.

School drama society.  I won that years drama award for my part in ’chips with everything’.  Most enjoyable and had I not gone into the travel business who knows where I may have ended up!!!

School rugby trip to Ireland, not feeling so good on the ferry crossing over.

St.David’s College, Llandudno, North Wales.  Six great years at boarding school.

Chris and Jerry aged 17, life long friends and great travelling partners – what a team we made!

University digs, Bryn-y-Mor Crescent, Swansea.  Yes that’s me up there!

Clyne Hall, Swansea first year where I met many great friends and intellectuals!

Graduation Day, Swansea University 1981, 2nd class Honours degree in Social and Economic History.

Head Master John Mayor with Viv and Jerry – he was an inspiration.

What lads?  The ‘old boys reunion’ St. David’s college 1988.

Is that Adrian I see taking us all for a jolly ride around Insbruck? What a classic family pose, love it!

Love the coats! Family shot of us on our weekly Sunday morning walk on Hampstead Heath

Viv and Adrian (yes, that’s him with his very long hair) just before his big trip to Asia

Heading back to London after 3 memorable Summer holiday weeks in Alcudia, Majorca

On the beach with Dad (Julian and Jerry pulling faces  and Viv looking tough!)

Anyone for croquet? Viv always thought he was the best! Must have been in our early 20’s at home

Christmas time and here we have Viv telling us all one of his many jokes

Julian and his beloved ‘Tiggy’, a family member for over 12 years, much loved and missed

Jerry & Mum celebrating Adrian’s 50th birthday!

A fashionable look Viv, in Sweden on the annual ‘bro’s’ skiing trip

Hi Mum – ok, it’s party time folks, bring on the dancers!

Annual family BBQ at Julian & Sue’s

Viv’s 50th birthday

Very cold ski lift, but lots of fun

Brandy & Bailey’s, thank goodness for the hipflask!

Snow mobiles in Sweden…what an incredible experience

Moustache, beer, Schnapps or both?! the lads ski trip in Slovenia

Anyone for brandy? A memorable night with our hotel host and his amazing ‘whirling glasses!’

Great when that sun come out…what lads!

Viv’s classic James Bond themed 50th birthday party…what a night!


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