World Travel with Bridge Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is here to help you understand what data we will collect from you (our customers and partners) and also how and why we will collect this data from you. Read this policy if you want to understand exactly how we use your data.

When you visit or interact with our website you will automatically be accepting of our privacy policy as a user of our website. The privacy policy covers the whole World Travel with Bridge website and any data we may collect from you whilst you are using our website.


Cookies are not necessarily a tasty treat you may get, but are also a way of making it easier whilst you surf our site. When you visit our website cookies will automatically start to be formed and this is one way through which data is collected. Your IP address is one example of the cookies we will collect.

Cookies make for a far smoother and faster experience when you use our website. Most web browsers will already be set to accepting cookies by default. However if you do not want us to collect cookies from you then you can decline the option to us collecting cookies from you. If you choose to do this though you may not be able to access certain parts of the website.

What data we will collect and why:

The only reason we collect data from you is to help you have a better experience with our company. We will not sell your information onto 3rd parties without prior permission. We will however use your data to help tailor make you a better experience whilst using our website.

The follow information is the type we will try and collect:

  • To show you the type of content that will suit you
  • Help us with research
  • If we get your contact information we will only send you with information we deem relevant to you, not spam.
  • Help improve our website.
  • Improve our business

If we are to share any of your information then we will state this explicitly beforehand. You will always be entitled to opt out of this sharing of information if you wish. If we do share information that was agreed before we could share then it will only be with trusted partners and companies that we feel there will be a benefit from sharing it with.

3rd party Websites:

Any 3rd party websites that are linked to our website are not our responsibility. Any content you find there is separate to us as they will have a different privacy policy. If you encounter a big issue in their content to ours then you should compare their privacy policy to ours.


How we look after your data:

Under law we are required to properly look after your data and we do so.

Changes to our privacy policy:

Over time the likelihood is that we will adapt our privacy policy due to legal requirements or changes in the infrastructure of the company. We as a business reserve the right to change our privacy policy accordingly. If we update it then we will say so on our website.


Contacting us:

As a company we want to be clear and open with you about how we are using your data. If you have any questions about our privacy policy feel free to contact us by filling out the form at this web page

Phone number November-June: 64 (0)22 012 5683

Phone number July-October 44 (0) 7973 864921




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