Sydney’s First Cat Café Due for July Launch

cat cafe 2Chiang Mai in Thailand has one and last year Melbourne opened Australia’s first. What are we talking about?………cat cafés of course. And now, Sydney is poised to join the ever growing list of places in the world in which you can get a feline fix while sipping your cappuccino with the opening of ‘Catmosphere’. And there’s another twist in the tale – no pun intended – because this cat café will also have a space-theme throughout.

Doors are due to be flung open to the cat-loving public in July – expect coffee, cat-shaped cookies cat cafeand the chance to pet and pat a few furry friends at a time. The café’s resident cats – all of the rescued feline fraternity – have a ‘human’ free’ zone into which they can retreat if all the love gets too much. The cat/human combined zone will be kitted out like a spaceship and the café part (strictly humans only due to health and safety and food hygiene regulations) will continue the to-the-stars-and-beyond theme.

So, where do such ideas come from? Catmosphere’s co-founder Thomas Derricott brought his inspiration back with him from Thailand, the home of the original Catmosphere. Here he met the Austrian owner, a franchise was discussed and the rest, as they say, is history (or, as is only fitting here, is actually the future).

Catmosphere’s exact location is yet to be announced but pop along to – the crowdfunding website being used to raise funds for lift-off – for news as it happens. Should you be tempted to throw in a dollar or two of your own there are rewards – opening night tickets, cat-astronaut merchandise and the chance to name the starry-kingdom kitties.

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