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Bridge the World’s first grand raffle – 1993 in the Hampstead & Highgate Expresss…

Baggage labels & book marks – very classy they were too!

Yes, those wonderful ads with pictures of our staff in…we were the first to do it in the early ’90’s

 Loved the design of these ads, boy did we pack in the info or what?!

 A sample of just some of our direct mail pieces, leaflets & mini brochures…many co-funded with our industry partners such as Tourism Australia

 That wonderful poster along Chark Farm road – we were so proud!

 Cathy…you looked so professional when this was taken…good luck to you where ever you are


 Everything we did at Bridge the World was a great adventure that’s for sure and heaps of fun…

 Good old Mr. Trevor Worth…what a character, hope your new travel business in Brisbane is doing as well as Bridge the World!

Good old Qantas Airways, always happy to sponsor a good idea – many thanks Malcolm & Chris…

More mini brochures, including the very successful ‘Little Gems’ brand that we began in the late ’90’s..thanks James, always so innovative despite the costs!

To win the ‘Best New Zealand Specialist Agency’ in the entire UK in 1998 was a massive success and firmly put us on the map… this was a very proud moment for Bridge the World…


 What a marketing ‘coup’ I have to say, getting my old friend, the UK’s most famous & popular travel writer & BBC travel presenter  Alan Whicker to do a promotion with little old Bridge the World…


 …those were the days…thank you Alan, the campaign really helped our sales to Australia and helped us ‘punch well above our weight’


 ….and here he is again – enjoying the beautiful Kimberley’s in Western Australia…what a man!

Just some of Bridge the World’s award winning brochures – masterpieces, every one of them…

Indeed, the very up market luxury brochure which I have to say was well ahead of it’s time in the UK (approx 1996)

My favourite front cover – well my cousin Millie made the original collage which hung in our Regent street office for many years. It’s now on it’s way to New Zealand….

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