Free Travel Advice

Jerry Bridge is in a unique position to offer pre and post-booking travel advice to anyone planning or researching a holiday. Your point of contact will be with Jerry at all times. He is ready to take your call or reply to your email anytime. All he needs from you is a rough idea of your budget, how much time you have and when you plan to travel.

It would also help to know what your interests are. For example, do you like wildlife, scenery, food and wine? Are you travelling alone, as a couple or family? Would you like to immerse yourselves with local culture and tradition? Do you think you might hire a car or camper-van or travel by coach?

For many of us the thought of holiday and travel planning has the ability to induce mild panic. We all know we are about to embark on a task which has the capacity to frustrate, stress and irritate us.  At best we can lose hours trawling through the internet. We try to compare and hunt down the best deals we can for our envisaged budget. At worst we do all that and then, still end up booking something we never intended!

Travelman’s Promise

It doesn’t matter whether you are a budget-conscious backpacker or a discerning traveller seeking the ultimate in luxury experiences. Young, old, adrenalin junkie, culture vulture or serenity seeker – it makes no difference. Jerry’s been round long enough to have learned all the industry know-how. He has a multitude of personal connections and local knowledge within the travel industry. Jerry will assist you through those potentially headache-inducing early booking stages, painlessly.

Jerry can also suggest the best restaurants, cafes and day tours in most of the major destinations you will be visiting.

Award Winning Operators

All our travel partners are pleased to offer you unbeatable levels of award winning service and outstanding value. Our UK operators offer clients 100% financial security as they are bonded with ATOL licenses (issued by the CAA) and are registered with ABTA (the Association of British Travel Agents).

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