The Team at Bridge & Wickers

Meet some of the dedicated travel sales team at Bridge & Wickers during the early days from 2005-8. Averaging at least one trip a year to either Australia, New Zealand and Canada, their level of service and product knowledge goes way beyond what you will find in a normal high street agency.

Rachel, Annette & David preparing our winning Ozcars boards for Tourism Australia…resulting in Bridge & Wickers being awarded the much coveted ‘Tour Operator of the Year’ award…

I’m glad we secured that one – the 2  Jeremy’s at Bridge & Wickers

Happy days at Bridge & Wickers – what a great team…

Catherine & Matt – the annual Bridge & Wickers Christmas party – I think it was a good joke!

Indeed, what would we do without the lovely & most talented David Marriott at Bridge & Wickers?!

Friday night down the pub after a busy week – Jo, David & Rachel

Matt’s birthday celebration…never mind the tea & cake, where’s the bubbly?!

Rachel (product director) with Andrew from Australia’s ‘Wayout Tours’ enjoying a break at our local, ‘The Engineer’ after a days intensive training with the Bridge & Wickers staff…

 Annette (sales & operations director for Bridge & Wickers) taking staff pictures for the website & blogg.. what would we do without her?!

David Marriotte in Indo China, looking every bit the tour leader! A new part of the world for Bridge & Wickers to promote & sell

Matt – enjoying the ‘remarkable’ mountain range in New Zealand’s South Island – where Bridge & Wickers send many people each year

Ajanta just can’t get enough of those beautiful Canadian husky dogs! (one of my favourite photos)

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