Old School Vintage Brochures

One of Swiss Travel Service’s early brochures – not easy getting people to start thinking about holidaying in Europe just after the 2nd World War but Walter Bridge did it…

 Or how about Paris? Is that you Mum?! Thanks to your vision, France quickly became ‘Paris’ ….Paris Travel Service was born…the first time in travel history for a company to specialise in weekend breaks & holidays to just a city and not the whole country…pioneering alright!

 Of course they could ‘can can…!’

 Early selection of itineraries and suggested tours of Europe…

 How about a coach holiday?

 Apart from  beaches, (although swimming in Lake Geneva is great fun) Swizterland has it all – lakes, mountains, outdoor adventure, food, chocolate, watches, scenic vistas – absolutely wonderful!

…& Lichenstein eh? No wonder we all went off on a memorable family holiday there in the late 1960’s…Vaduz & that dashing young Count…

25 years of selling quality short break holidays to this amazing little country in the heart of Europe..

Early London Travel Service brochure…come on UK if you’re not willing to travel abroad, come to London and let us look after you!

‘Mais oui, we are at your service’. Dad took me to the Moulin Rouge when he was 90 years old….we were up til 1am…what a night, what a man!

Take a Paris by night city excursion on the river Seine Bateau Mouche or by road on a delux coach and see the Eifel Tower in all it’s night time glory…a memorable for all Mum & Dad’s clients

Adrian, Viv & I all worked at Dad’s office in cenral Paris (L’Opera) during school holidays – not a bad experience, I was 16 when I went for 3 months over one long hot Summer…

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